Matt Gray

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How are robots changing the technological, social, and artistic evolution of human life? Assistant professor, actor, and robot acting coach Matt Gray weighs in.

Matt GrayIn Matt’s own words:

“I was born in Sydney to parents who are English and Canadian, and spent my childhood in Toronto, England, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vancouver.

When I finally settled in Western Canada, I trained as an actor, though worked as a sound designer. Eventually I ventured into directing, and finally went to grad school as a director.

After completing my directing training, I split my career into teaching and directing. This involved combining teaching at LAMDA, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Academy of Dance & Carnegie Mellon University. The productions I have directed have played in six countries, tackling material from Euripides to Pinter, from Shakespeare to Beckett, from Congreve to Sam Shepard.

My focus is on constantly re-examining the modern context of an old script. I’m consistently enthused about technology’s role in live performance, as well as the value of a live performer in technological media.

Ultimately, live storytelling is a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for every culture in the world. Communities have survived without lawyers, politicians or armies, but they have never survived without storytelling/theater. Or fire.”

Matt is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University’s Department of Theatre.

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